About Dea Capodimonte
  Dea Capodimonte s.a.s, owned by M. De Martino & Co, operates in the Capodimonte artistic ceramics and porcelain sector. It occupies an area of 4,000 m2 and has carried out its production in a workshop housed in an industrial shed of around 1000 m2 since its inception in 1973 by Giovanni De Martino.
The quality of Dea's products largely reflects the fact that only craftsmen of the highest calibre are employed. In keeping with the timeless Capodimonte tradition, the whole production process is carried out exclusively by hand.
Dea Capodimonte's constant evolution has ensured that it stays abreast of changing market trends and it has branched into various areas of specialisation (fruit, flowers, baskets of various sizes, lamps, chandeliers and candelabra, as well as articles for Christmas time).
These are the products requested by the domestic and foreign markets, both in Europe and further afield. They are sought after by retail operators and on a broader market, thus enabling themto reach those niches where porcelain products make up an additional component (goldsmiths, décor, etc).
New clients are reached through yearly attendance at the two annual national trade-fairs (Macef in Milan and Gift in Florence), as well as other international fairs in the sector.
The continued effort of the management in guaranteeing the utmost customer satisfaction, and the fact that the company follows every step of the fast evolving company quality standards imposed by the national andinternational market, have led to Dea Capodimonte becoming, in July 1996, the first company in this sector to be awarded the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9002. This means that not only can customers enjoy the beauty, and be sure of the quality of the product, but they are also guaranteed greater efficiency in terms of professionalism, full assistance, and punctual delivery.